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Fast Mold Remediation is your go-to mold removal company. Don’t allow a health hazard grow in your home. We’ll work with your insurance company to bring things back to normal.

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A flood or fire can inflict considerable damage to your commercial or residential premises and valuable goods in a matter of seconds. Because quick action is critical, FAST Mold Restoration of Baltimore, MD is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency damage restoration services. Our team of specialist restoration professionals will arrive swiftly to assess the situation and devise a plan to clean up the damage, dry out your house or business, and return your property to its pre-damaged condition. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering outstanding results.

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Mold and other toxins can be harmful to one’s health and should be eliminated from any environment as soon as possible. When you have a mold problem in your home or company, it’s critical to make sure you use a mold remediation professional who is competent, reliable, and qualified.

If mold is developing on drywall, trim, or untreated wood surfaces, call a mold investigator to determine the source and extent of the problem, especially if the affected area is larger than 10 square feet. They’ll be able to refer you to a reputable mold removal business as well.

The competent mold expert will be able to walk you through the process at a fair cost. When there is obvious mold, we only advocate pre-testing if you need “hard proof” for a negotiation. If you’re buying a house with mold, for example, it’s usually a good idea to have it tested/confirmed so you can bargain with the seller on the price.

A qualified inspector’s site visit will cost between $200 and $600 and take between 2 and 5 hours. To identify mold, the inspector will take air samples and maybe open up walls.


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What does mold remediation involve?

Because mold development and contamination can create serious health problems, you’ll want to make sure your contractor is skilled and experienced in dealing with such scenarios.
You can count on skilled mold removal and remediation services from Fast Mold Remediation. Mold removal and remediation work will be done according to industry standards with a team of well-trained and qualified professionals and the appropriate equipment.

Mold remediation is the process of removing, cleaning, and sanitizing mold-infested places, such as those found within a home. The mold remediation process necessitates the use of specialized equipment and methods to ensure thorough eradication while also avoiding new mold growth.

Mold remediation is the process of eradicating mold colonies from your home’s surfaces. The colony will be removed, the space will be restored to normal humidity levels, and structural elements will be repaired and replaced. In most circumstances, a professional will also address the mold’s underlying cause, such as a leak.

Both residential and business customers have benefited from our high-quality workmanship and unmatched customer service. From the minute you contact us until your remediation project is completed, our team of professionals is committed to meeting your individual needs.

What does mold remediation involve?

We specialize in fire, water, and mold damage restoration. Our companies, insured, and highly trained personnel has the knowledge and abilities to properly repair your property following a disaster. Here’s a quick rundown of the restoration services we provide:

1. Water Damage Restoration Services –Whatever caused the damage, repairing it usually involves a five-step process: inspection and evaluation, water removal, drying and dehumidification, cleaning and sanitizing, restoration and water damage repair

2. Mold Damage Restoration Services –Fast mold Remediation will clear any remaining mold and mold stains using an antimicrobial agent. A sealer or encapsulant is frequently used by mold professionals to make the treated areas more resistant to water damage and black mold, as well as to help with odor management.

3. Smoke Damage Restoration Services –Cleaning loose soot from the surface of the walls with a vacuum cleaner is the first step in smoke damage treatment.
A dry chemical sponge, in addition to utilizing a vacuum, is an effective soot and smoke cleaner.

4. Fire Damage Restoration Services – Cleaning and restoring property and personal possessions that have been damaged by smoke or fire.
The purpose of fire damage restoration services is to salvage destroyed belongings and restore your property so it can be occupied once more.

5. Biohazard Cleanup Services -The goal of a biohazard cleaner is to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and deodorize the scene of a violent crime, suicide, or tragic accident.

5. Abatement in Fire Services – Our main goal is to lessen the danger of fires in communities by proactively creating defensible space and reducing or removing flammable objects from properties.

5. Cleaning & Deodorizing – Mold development is frequently associated with foul odors. Mold can be difficult to detect, locate, and treat since it often hides in locations that aren’t readily visible.

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We provide our emergency damage restoration services in Pasadena, Pearland, Beaumont, College Station, Austin, Round Rock, Waco, Killeen, Tyler, Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

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Fast Mold Remedation

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What are the signs and symptoms of mold?

  • It smells musty and earthy.
  • There is a source of moisture nearby, but there isn’t much light.
  • You can see the substance it’s growing on bending, splitting, or peeling.
  • In a minute or two, a dab of bleach lightens the hue.
  • Unchecked, mold will continue to grow. Dirt and old stains will not come out.

Other Services We Offer:

  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Basement mold remediation
  • Window frames
  • Caulking
  • Cleaning & Deodorizing
  • Ventilation systems
  • Plumbing
  • Cabinets and furniture
  • Drywall and subflooring
  • Fabrics
  • Wallpaper or painted walls
  • Wet walls
  • Carpeting
  • Water-damaged mattresses
  • And other services damage caused by mold
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Best Restoration of Houston Texas Has You Covered

Whatever has caused damage to your property, rest assured that our repair specialist are on their way to help. We restore your property while you recover from the shock of the disaster with Fast Mold  Restoration of Houston. Our crew is highly skilled and trained in the use of cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge processes to restore your space to its former glory.

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What Can You Expect During Mold Remediation?

While each mold damage situation is different and necessitates a different response, the mold removal method is the same.
The water plumbing system needs to be repaired. This will aid in the prevention of the spread of new mold spores.

Mold containment area isolation. This requires isolating the contaminated area from the rest of the residence. Close all windows and doors to do this. Six mil polyethylene sheeting is used to seal the remaining apertures. Duct tape is then used to seal the sheeting seams.
Control spores in the air. This is accomplished by sprinkling the infected areas.

Moldy surfaces should be vacuumed. The wet/dry vacuum is kept outside during vacuuming.

Moldy items must be cleaned and removed. To reduce the possibility of mold spores dispersing into the air, all damp and mold-contaminated material is thrown in plastic bags. All non-porous items are thoroughly cleaned.

Unmovable building elements are sprayed and scrubbed. The pros will then use a damp cloth soaked in a detergent solution to scrub all mold-infested surfaces. This will aid in the thorough removal of all mold.
Surface disinfection and encapsulation To eliminate and kill any remaining mold, the cleansed areas are disinfected using the proper chemicals and deodorizing agents.

Wet items are dried. After that, all of the cleaned materials are allowed to dry to ensure that no moisture remains. Some mold removal businesses use dehumidifiers, blowers, or raising the indoor air temperature to speed up the process.

Rebuild and replace. All previously removed defective elements are then fixed or replaced.


If your house or business has begun to exhibit signs of mold damage, you should have it treated and remediated as soon as possible to avoid long-term threats to your property and improve air quality.


Any form of water intrusion should be taken seriously, and water damage repair is an important component of the recovery process if your house or company is flooded.


The damage inflicted by fires does not stop once the flames have died out. When dealing with fire damage, families frequently lose their favorite items as well as the roof over their heads, forcing them to seek refuge.

Fast Mold Remediation is committed to making the process as simple as possible for both the property owner and the insurance company. We prioritize your needs and collaborate closely with all parties involved to alleviate the stress caused by fire and smoke damage. 

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